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The ValuCare e-Care app is here!

The future is here with the new state-of-the-art Android application called VC e-Care App! The hassle of standing and waiting in line will be reduced, if not totally eliminated. Through this app, the member’s smart phone would serve as his ValuCare membership identification and gateway to a faster availment.

Before leaving your home or office for a medical appointment, you may already view nearby providers and easily get a medical appointment through the app. If the member is already in the accredited hospital or clinic, the concierge or nurse station can easily identify if the member is active using the VC e-Care portal. Moreover, the attending nurse or concierge may already secure an approval code for a consultation, outpatient, and emergency availment from the same system, without having to call the Customer Service Hotline. Relative to this, the member may also access the app to monitor his or her availment history! The app is available to use by all active ValuCare members!

Member Registration

  1. Using your Android smartphone, download the VC e-Care app installer (.apk) by clicking the button below or by searching vc e-care in the Google Play Store (Filesize is approximately 4MB). The iOS version will be coming soon.

  2. Get it on Google Play

  3. Once you're done installing the app on your Android phone, click here to start uploading your photo by scanning a QR code. (clicking the button opens a new tab / window)


Provider Registration

Hospitals / clinics who are part of ValuCare's network may click the link below to register your hospital or clinic! Registered hospitals may also click the link below to access the log-in screen.


Watch the video on how to register.

A short film about the e-Care app.

Participating providers of Dry Run



Should you have any questions about the app and its related functionalities, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to ecareapp@valuecarehealth.com