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September 29, 2016
To: Mr. Armando Macalino, CEO
Dr. Elmer Palomata, Assistant Vice-President

I am writing to commend how Valuecare came to my rescue when I had a sudden and serious urinary problem last September 25 and supported me up to my discharge September 29.

Last September 29, a Sunday, I was unable to urinate and my discomfort was building up. My wife Lucy and a sister in law immediately brought me to the ER of Makati Med. After first aid was done and the initial blood works was analyzed, the decision was to admit me to the hospital. We discovered that in our rush to the hospital, we left my Valuecard membership card at home.

My wife immediately called up Ms. Dezh Dasalla. Mind you, this was a Sunday morning. Dezh spoke to Customer Care Supervisor, Eugene Guinto, and vouched for me. Dezh had rendered excellent extra-mile service in the past and we are grateful that she is consistent even when it was her day off or time with her family. Eugene took quick action in helping us get an available room, again mind you on a Sunday. (As a background for you, I work for Asia Brewery, Inc. as one of its plant managers in Cabuyao, Laguna.) On a daily basis, your clinical nurse, Peng Adagio, was diligent in monitoring, updating and explaining to us the charges such as of room, medical supplies and so on. We find her very pleasant to talk to and spared us of what could be a stressful issue. But Peng made us feel taken cared of such that when she explained there are some non-approved items that we have to shoulder, we found it reasonable and didn't mind. Did I say daily basis? Actually Peng visited our room twice at 6:30pm and once at 7pm, when rainy weather was upon Metro Manila. I don't know her work hours, but I have the impression that she was attending to us, overtime. Peng was also indispensable in arranging a smooth discharge which took effect last September 29. We were spared of unpleasant stories of wrong billing and delayed processing. You have a valuable asset in her. All told, I am pleased that my employer has appointed you to attend to our medical insurance needs. I pray that your reputation for quick, compassionate and competent service will spread and earn you much more business.

Very truly yours,

Good day! This is Janith Maglasang,

I'd like to state my commendation for Ms. Iz Saison for doing a great job today. The amazing experience was unforgettable. Every agent I spoke to was very approachable, knowledgeable and polite. And to think you have your own policies yet Iz Saison still checked on her resources just to help me resolve my concern today.

Thank you value care for the satisfaction of your plan holders needs and for hiring such trusted agents. I should include the name Jhong, unfortunately I was unable to asked for his last name but thank you anyway guys. I know this simple message will serve as inspiration to the agents and company staffs of becoming your service into the next level.

November 20, 2015
Attn: Dr. Elmer Palomata
Subject: Testimonial Letter for Ms. Marj Marcelo

Dear Sir,

It was our first time to avail the services of Valucare this year. Thus, when my husband, Dexter, had a major operation in Makati Medical Center last September 2015, we had to ask our agent how to go about Valucare's benefits. He then endorsed us to Ms. Marj who is the Liaison Officer of Makati Medical Center (MMC).

Ms. Marj had been very helpful to us. She immediately called me up to brief me on the procedure. Since we live in Marikina and going to Makati is a feat for us, she offered to be the one to arrange a Letter of Authority (LOA) for our admission at Makati Medical Center, which she will leave in the Admitting Section. Come the day we were admitted, true to her word, the LOA was already ready for our usage. On the day my husband was to be discharged, personnel from the billing section of MMC called her at least 20 times at 4 o'clock in the morning just to clarify something. Who calls at an unholy hour just to clarify something when everything is supposed to be clear in the LOA? Anyway, Ms. Marj returned their call the moment she woke up and immediately informed me thru my mobile phone that everything is okay.

The second (2nd) time Ms. Marj helped us was a week after my husband's discharge. We need to go back to MMC for some laboratory tests not later than 7am. It will be difficult for us to go to ValuCare Makati Branch to get an LOA since my husband just had a delicate major operation. So I tried if Ms. Marj can do something about our predicament. Again, she offered to give the LOA at MMC directly to the Laboratory Department, informing me of the person to look for.

What I appreciate about Ms. Marj is that she is approachable, madaling kausap. She listens, tries to understand the situation then suggests solution to it. With her work attitude, the client–agency relationship was easily established. The personal attention she gave to us was great. When my husband was still in the hospital, I learned that she will always visit us even though the nurses would not let her in. We are in the "No Visitors Allowed" unit. It was only on the last day of my husband's admission that we personally saw each other – asking how my husband was doing after the surgery and assuring me that the ValuCare side has been taken cared of. On my part, at least I was given the chance to thank her and ValuCare for all the help and the accommodation extended to us.

If you have any queries in relation to this letter, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.
Yours truly,

Good day Valucare,

I'd just like to inform you that Aries :) from the hotline I called was very helpful!

Thank you again!

Dear Sir/Madam;

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation and commendation for the quality service provided by your Value Care Coordinator named LIEZEL VALDEZ assigned in FEU NRMF Medical Center Fairview.

Since my hospitalization last November up to my on going treatment, she was very supportive to attend to my medical requirements pertaining to my health card. I must say the full and prompt support she extended was truly appreciated. She was always on call and answered all my queries and very polite and helpful regarding my concerns. She always visited me in my room during my confinement to give personal assistance and service.

You should certainly feel proud of such employee who can bring goodwill for the company, I appreciate the way you trained your employee and the way they handle customer service. Keep up the good work! Once again, thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success.


Feb 26, 2013 To Dr Elmer Palomata

Magandang Umaga po,
With no thought of flattering you one bit, your lecture on the Heart at Royal Cargo Cavite is to me one of the best I have heard! Light but meaty. Very humorous but driving home the main message of how to take care of the heart. Brilliant! This would be a tough act to follow when the next speaker speaks before the Royal Cargo Group in Pascor Drive on Feb 28. Maraming Salamat po!

I congratulate ValuCare for having Ms. Gay Garcia as Liaison Officer at its St. Luke Medical Center, QC. She has extended me an excellent customer service when despite of having her day off yesterday, she still reported to St. Luke to assist me in arranging all my hospital bills and final payment thereof, without me travelling to the Billing and Collection Dept. She has provided me the current updates of my charges in the hospital and clearly explained the nature thereof. I thank ValuCare for having an employee like Ms. Gay Garcia.

Dr Elmer Palomata, thank you for coming over and sharing with us your knowledge about HYPERTENSION. We want you to know how much we appreciate your lecture. We are extremely pleased with it.

Looking forward for more lectures to come. Sincerely,

Magandang hapon po, Doc Elmer! Our sincerest gratitude to Ms Mitch-edo and Mr Aris of Valucare 24/7 for assisting Ms Marlyn Bautista with her dentist almost two weekends ago. Sorry for this belated thank you note.

Maraming Salamat po!

Congratulations! May God continue to bless you as you serve the peoples' Wellness Program. It is also recommended that you conceptualize how to accept senior citizens independently from their employers after retirement provided they pay regularly the corresponding fees for their intended plans. In this way, your services are indeed very compassionate to the total Filipinos' sense of security for healthy living.

The Althea Giga case was resolved by the men and women of ValuCare to whom we would like to extend our gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

"We would like to commend the following people who helped a lot on the Althea Giga case which started the night of August 30, 2010 at 8 pm.

1.) John of 24/7, who had been very helpful that night until 11 pm.
2.) Jhoanna Nanquil, who was called by John and tried to answer all the pertinent facts of the supposed deletion.
3.) Jenno Lukban, the next day(August 31, 2010) whom we also had been pestering because everyone was in a meeting that day. The following people we tried to contact but these people could not be disturbed: Mhyra Belleza, Anna Guatato and Jojo Arellano. We were calling and verifying until 6 pm. Jenno was very instrumental in clearing up the deletion issue.
4.) Lastly, Ruel of medical who also aided in contacting and resolving the issue on Friday September 3, 2010.

Again to all of you, our compliments for a job well done.

Dear Ms. Rose,

Thank you so much! It's a big help! You really made my day! All the best to the Valucare officers and staff, especiallly to Dra. del Pilar.

Gud am! My wife and I would like to thank you for your attentive and courteous staff, keep it up and God Bless!..good service!

Gd pm kaycee. Ms. Wowee roque, training mgr f sm cubao extends her tnx 2 d assistance u gave during confinement f her sons. Great work kaycee.

Hi Charmaine, We just want to relay to you the feedback I received about Eugene (Liaisons officer in Makati Med). Our Group Account Director was very happy with the services he gave when she was confined in Makati Med. She relayed that Eugene was very helpful and was even visited the patient almost every day. Eugene is also very helpful even during patient coordination for Makati Med. Kindly extend our gratitude to Eugene. Thanks and happy new year.

Doc. E, Pls. extend my congratulations to Eugene for a job well done. Pls. tell him to keep up the good work as it will bear fruits in due time. Employee like him is what we need specially in this very competitive time. His performance will disprove the accusation to ValuCare that our service is poor. Again, my congratulations…… Ding S. Macalino

Fwd: Alfred Enriquez, dep of Aldren Enriquez of Aurisoft - As arranged by our CEO, Ms Arlette Saulo, with Valucare 24/7 Aris Siano, Alfred will be transferred to private room today. Our thanks to Aris for the usual speed and attention.

Me and my qualified members were satisfied with their excellent service through the kindness of ValuCare's nurses, Ms Angie Marcelo and Margaret Bautista. They, especially Angie are very willing to help everytime…

ma'am elaine, mraming salamat po s lhat ng 2long.god bless nlang po! from a PNB employee thru the survey conducted by the office of Ms Cora Corpuz, SVP, March 19, 2010

Me and my qualified members were satisfied with their excellent service through the kindness of ValuCare's nurses, Ms Angie Marcelo and Margaret Bautista